Who Are the Characters in "Wine of Astonishment"?

The characters of "Wine of Astonishment" are Eva Dorcas, Bee Dorcas, Bolo and Ivan Morton. The secondary characters are Clyde, Mrs. Buntin, Mitchel, Clem, Eulalie, Corporal Prince, Primus, Winston, Taffy, Joyce, Reggie and Gem. The story is about the persecution of Baptists in Trinidad during colonial times.

Eva Dorcas, Bee Dorcas and Bolo are the main characters. Eva is a devout Christian and the wife of Bee. As the narrator, Eva conveys the events and details the people's sufferings. Bee Dorcas is Eva's husband and the minister at Shouter Baptist Church. He is also a devout Christian and is considered a pillar of the community. Bolo is the local fighting champion who is sent to jail for defending his mother and the church during a police raid. He returns from jail a broken and lost man; he is a bully and a menace.

Ivan Morton is considered a pillar in the community, as well as a potential future leader, until he disappoints his people by abandoning his position, the church he helped build, his newborn child and the child's mother. The 12 supporting characters also lend important elements to the story. "Wine of Astonishment" is a story about the suffering of Baptists after the British passed the Prohibition Ordinance of 1917 in Trinidad.