Who Are the Characters on "Team Umizoomi"?

Who Are the Characters on "Team Umizoomi"?

The main characters on "Team Umizoomi" are Milli, Geo, and Bot. Each episode has guest characters, but these three are in every show.

Bot is a robot who is equipped with all kinds of gadgets. He has a powerful robot computer that helps the team solve math problems. Bot is played by Donovan Patton, who is best known for his work on "Blue's Clues."

Geo is the team's shape expert. He builds everything the team needs using his shape belt, including trains, space ships and bulldozers. Geo is voiced by Ethan Kempner, who also works on "Sammy's Story Shop" and "The Shifty Planet of Dr. Strange."

Milli is Geo's older sister. She loves working with numbers and patterns Her curly pigtails can change into whatever she needs, like a ruler or thermometer. Milli is played by Madeleine Rose Yen who has also starred in "The Wind Rises" and "Savva, Heart of the Warrior.

"Team Umizoomi" first aired in 2010. It ran for 4 years and produced 77 episodes. The show teaches young children math concepts such as counting, measuring, shapes, patterns and comparisons. The characters in the show talk to their audience and refer to the audience as Umifriends. Together with the team, Unifriends use their "mighty math powers" to solve different problems.