Who Are the Characters of the Malory-Anderson Family Series?

Who Are the Characters of the Malory-Anderson Family Series?

The major characters in the Malory-Anderson Family series include Lady Melissa Malory, Lord Thomas Ashton, Lady Regina Ashton, Lord Nicholas Eden and Lord Thomas Eden. Warren Anderson and Boyd Anderson are also important. This romantic series of novels is about an aristocratic family living in the 19th century.

The Malory-Anderson Family series contains varied characters and pairings across its 11-book anthology. The author, Johanna Lindsey, published the first Malory-Anderson novel, entitled "Love Only Once," in 1985. This novel began with the characters Lord Edward, Lady Charlotte Malory and their niece, Regina Ashton. The novel tells the story of the love that grows between Regina and Nicholas Eden, a viscount who mistakenly kidnaps her.

"Tender Rebel," published in 1988, introduces the reader to Roslyn Chadwick, who is desperate to get married, and Anthony Malory, her handsome suitor. Anthony is another uncle of Regina's.

A third book, entitled "Gentle Rogue" and published in 1990, expands the family tree to James Malory and Georgina Anderson. Georgina disguises herself as a cabin boy to hitch a ride on a boat heading for America, which James is steering. James Malory is Anthony Malory's brother and Regina's uncle.

As of Book 11, the Malory-Anderson Family Saga has over 45 interrelated characters.