What Characters Make up the "Fantastic Four?"

characters-make-up-fantastic-four Credit: JD Hancock/Flickr/CC-BY-3.0

The Thing, Human Torch, Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman make up the Fantastic Four, often recognized as the first team of super heroes. The Marvel Comics crew made its debut in 1961 in the first issue of its own comic book series and makes its home in the Baxter Building of New York City.

Each member of the group possesses unique superhuman abilities. The Thing (Ben Grimm) possesses rock-like skin and super strength, while the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) has the ability to control and project fire from his body and the capability to fly. Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) stretches, twists and re-shapes his body to inhuman proportions, and his wife, Invisible Woman (Susan Storm Richards), is able to bend and manipulate light to make herself and others invisible.