What Are Some of the Characters in the First Season of Lost?


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Some of the main characters in the first season of "Lost" include Jack Shepherd, Kate Austen and John Locke. Other characters include James "Sawyer" Ford, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Shannon Rutherford and Charlie Pace.

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The main character of the first season of "Lost" is Jack Shepherd, a former doctor played by Matthew Fox. Jack develops a romantic interest in Kate Austen, a convict played by Evangeline Lilly. Throughout the season, Jack competes with James "Sawyer" Ford, a con man played by Josh Holloway, for Kate's interest. Jack also contends with John Locke, a spiritual leader played by Terry O'Quinn, for authority over the passengers of their crashed airplane.

The first season features minor characters who become increasingly significant over the course of the show. Some of these characters include Charlie Pace, a former rock star played by Dominic Monaghan, who struggles with an addition to heroin. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, played by Jorge Garcia, is an overweight man who overcomes his insecurities to act as a leader.

Other minor characters in the first season include Shannon Rutherford, a former dance teacher played by Maggie Grace. Rutherford has a relationship with her stepbrother Boone, a wedding planner played by Ian Somerhalder. Michael Dawson, a construction worker played by Harold Perrineau, and his son Walt, played by Malcolm David Kelley, are minor characters as well.

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