What Are Some of the Characters Featured on the Cast of Hawaii Five-0?


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Some of the characters featured on "Hawaii Five-0" include Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams and Chin Ho Kelly. Other characters include Kono Kalakaua and Dr. Max Bergman, as well as numerous recurring characters.

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The lead character of "Hawaii Five-0" is Steve McGarrett, played by Alex O'Loughlin. McGarrett is a lieutenant who returns to Hawaii to find his father's killer, and he is aided in his efforts by Danny Williams, played by Scott Caan, and Chin Ho Kelly, played by Daniel Dae Kim, both of whom are detectives. The group is also aided by Kono Kalakaua, a police officer played by Grace Park, and Dr. Max Bergman, a medical examiner played by Masi Oka.

As a procedural show, "Hawaii Five-0" features many characters who appear in smaller roles and occasionally in only a few episodes. Some recurring characters include Catherine Rollins, a retired Navy lieutenant played by Michelle Borth, and Kamekona Tupuola, a rehabilitated convict played by Taylor Wily. Other recurring characters include Wo Fat, a crime lord played by Mark Dacascos, who has ties to the Yakuza and is one of the suspects in the murder of McGarrett's father. One of Fat's associates is Victor Hesse, an international arms dealer played by James Marsters, who is eventually revealed as the killer of McGarrett's father after betraying Wo Fat.

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