What Characters Died at the Season Finales of "NCIS"?


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Two characters who died in the season finales of “NCIS” are Caitlin "Kate" Todd and special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Shot at the end of season 12 in 2015, Gibbs left audiences bewildered and wondering if he would rejoin the remaining cast for season 13.

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Caitlin "Kate" Todd played a secret service agent on the show recruited by special agent Gibbs to work with Major Case Response Team at the NCIS headquarters. She replaced Vivian Blackadder. Todd died at the end of the finale of season 2, shot in the head by a rogue Mossad member after actress Sasha Alexander decided to leave the series. Her character replacement, Ziva David, played a liaison agent and Mossad agent whose half-brother killed Caitlin.

Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by actor Mark Harmon, is the fictional boss and leader of NCIS; the role has been pivotal part of the show since its first episode in September of 2003. In the season 12 cliff hanger, American men recruited by terrorists shoot Gibbs twice, once in the leg and once again before the show ended, leaving Gibbs in serious condition. The producers told the press that they refuse to comment about agents Gibbs’ fate until the beginning of the following season.

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