Who Are the Characters in "Dead Stars" by Paz Marquez Benitez?


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Characters in "Dead Stars" by Paz Marque Benitez include Alfredo Salazar, his fiancé Esperanza and their relatives. The story also includes his love interest Julia Salas, her brother-in-law, several townspeople and a woman who carries notes back and forth between Alfredo and Julia.

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Alfredo risks his four-year relationship with Esperanza because of a growing fascination with Julia Salas. He talks to her when he visits her brother-in-law, and though he confides in her, he never admits that he is engaged. They share little more than conversation, but Alfredo feels guilty for hiding his interest in her from his fiancé.

When Alfredo learns that Julia plans to return to her homeland, he becomes despondent. He approaches her at church, but before he suggests that she stay, Julia congratulates him on his upcoming wedding and promises to attend. Alfredo returns home and hears Esperanza talking to a friend about infidelity and immorality. Later, she tells him that she knows about his feelings for Julia and dares him to end their relationship.

Years after he and Esperanza marry, Alfredo is stationed in a town near where Julia lives. Despite his mostly happy marriage, he goes to the place where Julia lives. When he sees her, he wonders what their life would be like had they run off together. However, the longer he watches her, the less appealing she seems, until he finally wonders what he ever saw in her and if she ever loved him. He realizes that there is no point in wondering what if.

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