Who Are the Characters in "The Aristocrats"?


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The stars of "The Aristocrats" are George Carlin, Don Rickles and Chris Rock, and each of them played themselves in character. Other notable actors who appeared in the film include Drew Carey, Andy Dick and Whoopi Goldberg.

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"The Aristocrats" is a 2005 documentary comedy about a single joke. Over 100 comedians were invited to perform their own versions of what is considered the dirtiest joke in the world. The joke centers around a man going into his agent's office and telling him he has a family act. When the agent asks what it is, the man describes extremely obscene acts. The shocked agent then asks the man, "What do you call yourselves?" The man responds with, "The Aristocrats."

The joke is an old joke known by many comedians, and it was traditionally used by comedians as a mental stretching exercise. The inspiration for the film came to creator Penn Jillette when Gilbert Gottfried performed at the Hugh Hefner roast just weeks after the 9/11 attacks. The audience was very somber, and the first comedian's act did not do very well. Gottfried then got on stage and performed "The Aristocrats" joke and lightened the mood in the audience. Penn Jillette then decided to invite over 100 of his comedian friends and their friends to be filmed while they perform their own versions of the insider joke for the world to see.

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