What Are Some Characteristics of Werewolves?


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Characteristics of werewolves include reddish-brown almond-shaped fingernails that are particularly tough, bristles beneath the tongue, nervousness and pacing around the room during the time of the full moon and an irrational fear of water. Other characteristics of a potential werewolf include pale features immediately after the full moon, a unibrow, an index finger longer than a middle finger and glowing red eyes.

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Werewolf legends are widespread, and characteristics vary from culture to culture. In Serbia, for example, legends say a child born with a caul over his face possessed the ability to shape shift. During the Middle Ages in Europe, wolves were regarded with fear and suspicion, and those accused of being werewolves were often put on trial.

Individuals who turn into werewolves fall into two categories: voluntary or involuntary. Traditionally, voluntary werewolves made pacts with the Devil or other evil entities to gain power for the express purpose of causing mischief and harm. Involuntary werewolves became werewolves due to circumstances of birth, having a birthday on Christmas for example, or who were turned by another werewolf. Those who were bitten did not face eternal damnation until they tasted human blood and could be redeemed by killing the werewolf who made them.

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