What Are the Characteristics of a Thai Television Soap Opera?


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Thai soap operas, which enjoy immense popularity in their homeland, tend to be tearjerkers, playing strongly on the emotions of their viewers. They tend to focus on love stories and be extremely melodramatic, with exaggerated situations prompting overly theatrical actions. Most Thai soap operas end happily, with all the conflicts resolved and the leading characters marrying their soulmates.

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At the beginning of a series, two main characters, often played by the most popular stars at the time, are usually introduced as destined lovers. There is often a "bad" female character who is madly in love with the male lead and attempts to get the main actress out of the way so that she can be with the male lead. This character tends to come from a rich background and have a manipulative personality. There is often a comic-relief character in the form of a man dressed as a woman.

Even though Thai soap operas tend to focus on love as a plot device, there are very few love scenes to be found. The leading actor and actress may cuddle a little, but, unless the couple is married, there are no scenes where the couple even kisses, as determined by Thailand's Culture Ministry. Thai soap operas have also, on the other hand, been accused of trivializing or even promoting rape, as sexual violence is common in their plots.

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