What Are Chapter Summaries on the Hot Zone?


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Chapter summaries on "The Hot Zone," by Richard Preston, are descriptions of what happens in each chapter of the book. There are chapter summaries of "The Hot Zone" available on the websites BookRags.com, GradeSaver.com and ENotes.com. Students may also write their own chapter summaries to create a book report or research paper about the text.

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BookRags.com sells chapter summaries of "The Hot Zone" and also provides a free sample summary online. The site offers a complete study guide for the novel, which is based on a true story of the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the United States. GradeSaver.com also sells a study guide for "The Hot Zone" that includes chapter summaries, review questions and quizzes. Additionally, the site's guide includes analyses of each chapter. ENotes.com sells study guides, including chapter summary resources for analyzing "The Hot Zone"; it also provides a sample summary of the novel online.

Students may write their own summaries of chapters of "The Hot Zone" using resources such as Purdue's Online Writing Lab at OWL.English.Purdue.edu. This resource suggests that students read the whole portion of what they want to summarize, making note of the most important points as they read. The next step in creating a strong summary is to rewrite the main point of the text using original language and phrasing. Students should include several details from the essay to support the main idea and return to the original text to supply any important quotations. Quotes should be memorable and significant and only form a brief part of the summary.

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