What Channels Are Available on Roku?

Some channels available on Roku include ESPN, Comedy Central, NBC Sport, and History. Roku claims to have more than 1,800 television channels in the United States. Each Roku channel falls under the private or public category. Roku also divides channels into smaller sub-categories such as sports, kids and family, news and weather, music, science and technology.

To view a list of channels available on Roku, go to Roku’s website, and click the See What’s On button near the top-right corner of the home page. Scroll down the page, and select a category from the provided list. A list of channels appears under every selected category. For example, some channels in the Sports category include Tennis Channel, MLB.Tv, Red Bull TV, and WWE Network.

Alternatively, click See What’s On, scroll towards the bottom of the home page, and then click Browse All Channels to view the Roku Channel Store. The Roku Channel Store contains a list of channels available on Roku, including their ratings, descriptions and category. From the Roku Channel Store, you can add or remove your favorite channels and games. You can also search for different channels by actor, director or title using the Roku remote control system, mobile application or the voice search feature.

Roku service consists of streaming players that deliver TV shows and channels directly to a TV over the Internet. Depending on the type of player, Roku players connect directly to TVs through the HDMI outlets or through composite cables. Roku devices consists of the Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming players, and Roku smart TVs. Each device offers hundreds of free channels, and customers can also choose whether to purchase a subscription to individual channels or rent a particular show or movie individually.

There are no recurring fees to own a Roku device. Instead, Roku players are sold for a one-time price listed on the website. It is required to have Internet to utilize Roku players, and it is recommended to have an Internet speed of at least 3 megabits per second download. Roku also offers accessories for its devices, such as the Roku 3 enhanced game remote with channel shortcut buttons, Roku standard remote and Roku premium in-ear headphones.

Roku offers an app compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices. Customers can connect with Roku on its website or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Roku Blog.

More than 30 million people have a membership to Netflix, and in addition to watching it on mobile devices, members can watch the channel directly through the Roku device. Hulu Plus is a subscription service available through Hulu, and like Netflix, those with a subscription can log into the service through the Roku device. Amazon Instant Video is a similar channel on the Roku for those who subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Sling TV lets members watch television stations through the Roku for about $20 each month. Some of the available channels include CNN, TNT and TBS. HBO GO, the subscription service for HBO viewers, features every episode of the best HBO shows, including all HBO original series such as "True Blood," "Game of Thrones" and "Silicon Valley."

Crackle is another popular Roku channel and offers free on-demand movies and shows through the Roku device. PBS also has a Roku channel that lists thousands of videos for viewers in genres such as technology, nature, culture and science. This channel also includes content from local PBS stations.