What Are Some of the Channels Available on DISH TV?


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Some of the channels available on DISH TV include cable networks such as USA, Comedy Central, TV Land, Lifetime Movie Network and Food Network, as of 2015. Other channels include premium movie networks such as HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax, along with various local channels and networks.

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Many of the channels available on DISH TV cover a wide spectrum of programming, including numerous options for sports broadcasting. This includes general channels such as ESPN and Fox Sports as well as special channels for different sports such as baseball and football. DISH TV also includes many broadcast television options for watching serial programs. Additionally, customers are able to access premium movie networks, which air original content in addition to feature films.

DISH TV is a satellite television provider, which means that it connects its customers with programming by broadcasting a signal from a satellite in orbit around the planet to a satellite dish installed in the home. This allows the provider to offer a wide selection of international channels along with various American networks. A full list of the channels and networks available from the provider is available on the channel listings page of its website, Dish.com. This page includes a search tool for finding a specific channel, along with a downloadable PDF of the channels.

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