What Are Some Channel Line Ups Mentioned in the SiriusXM Channel Guide?


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The SiriusXM channel guide offers a wide variety of line-ups including Hits 1, which plays today's top hits, Venus, which plays pop and dance music, and The Spectrum, which plays a combination of new and classic rock. There are 994 channels on SiriusXM radio.

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Most of the 994 channels on SiriusXM radio play music from a wide range of genres, such as pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop and R&B in addition to electronic, country, classical and kids music. These genres appear on the first 79 channels. The talk and entertainment channels cover themes from agriculture to comedy. Channel 95, for example, is Comedy Central's channel and focuses entirely on comedy. The news and issues channels play commentary on political issues including liberal and conservative ideologies, religious views and African-American issues, to name a few.

SiriusXM radio also provides channels specific to a language or culture, such as channels 147 to 158 which play music and news in Spanish or channels 161 to 167 which focus on Canadian music and culture. Additionally, SiriusXM offers numerous sports channels focusing on sports such as Indy car racing, football or hockey. SiriusXM also offers band- or personality-specific channels, such as the Howard Stern channel, Pearl Jam radio or the Grateful Dead channel.

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