What Are Some Free Celtic Art Designs?


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The Celtic Cross, spiral designs, Tuim Knot, dragon designs and "Tree of Life" are some of the Celtic art designs that can be found for free online at resources such as Canstockphoto.com. Each of these Celtic art designs has a specific meaning in the Celtic culture.The Celtic Cross symbolises higher energy, knowledge and the bridge to the other worlds.

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The vertical axis of the cross represents the celestial world, while the horizontal axis represents the earthly world. Each of the four points of the Celtic Cross symbolizes either the four directions or the four elements. The Celtic cross is sometimes considered a symbol of the source of light and energy.

The spiral Celtic designs that can be found for free symbolize how life and spiritual growth are continuous in the Celtic culture. The Tuim Knot is the interweaving knot work that is common in Celtic designs. This knot work symbolizes the four seasons, the seasonal lunar holidays and the four elements. The traditional Celtic dragon design symbolizes the change that is never ending and adapting to circumstances. The fiery breath of the dragon is the symbol of new life. The Celtic design known as the "Tree of Life" represents the all-giving Mother and nature. It is said in Celtic culture to be involved in the creation of the universe.

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