Who Are Some Celebrities Said to Have Beautiful Eyes?


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Among female celebrities Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Aishwarya Rai receive accolades for their eyes. Some male celebrities thought to have beautiful eyes include Paul Newman, Jesse Williams, Ian Somerhalder, David Bowie and Johnny Depp.

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Although beauty is a subjective concept, several celebrities are regulars on lists of the best/most beautiful eyes. Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her unusual violet-colored eyes and their striking contrast with her dark hair. Her eye color resulted from an unusual and very rare type of melanin. People remember Bette Davis for her striking, expressive eyes, often referred to as "mesmerizing" and "scorching." In 1930, Universal Studios almost dropped her option, but her beautiful eyes saved her contract.

Lists of celebrities with the most beautiful eyes typically include celebrities Mila Kunis, David Bowie and Henry Cavill; all three have bicolored eyes. Mila Kunis and Henry Cavill have heterochromia iridis, a condition which affects the color of the iris, so their eyes are different shades. David Bowie does not have this condition; he actually has two blue eyes, but one has a permanent dilation that affects its color combination.

Emma Stone, Jessie Wililiams, Adele and Angelina Jolie are on many beautiful eye lists for their green eyes. Green is one of the rarest eye colors and results from an uncommon combination of low levels of black melanin and high levels of yellow melanin.

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