Which Celebrities Are Famous for Making Prank Calls?


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Celebrities who are famous primarily for making prank phone calls include the Tube Bar pranksters, John Elmo and Jim Davidson, and the Jerky Boys. Comedians such as Jim Florentine and Jerry Lewis have notably included prank calls in their repertoire.

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The Tube Bar pranksters were pioneers of the prank call genre. They regularly called the Tube Bar in Jersey City, asking to speak to a fictitious customer whose name usually sounded like an offensive phrase when repeated. They are thought to be the inspiration for Bart Simpson's similar prank calls on "The Simpsons."

While the Tube Bar pranksters' work circulated on underground tapes, the Jerky Boys achieved commercial success by releasing two platinum albums of prank calls. Their technique was to respond to classified advertisements by playing over-the-top or stereotypical recurring characters.

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