What Does the "Cedar Cover" Series List Contain?

What Does the "Cedar Cover" Series List Contain?

The "Cedar Cove" series of books by Debbie Macomber includes "6 Rainier Drive" and "1022 Evergreen Place." A few other titles are "1105 Yakima Street" and "1225 Christmas Tree Lane."

The book "6 Rainier Drive" follows Justine Gunderson after her business with her husband burns to the ground. One of their young employees disappeared after the fire and is the main suspect in the cause of the fire. Justine tells the reader about all the gossip in Cedar Cove as she tries to recover some kind of normalcy.

The book "1022 Evergreen Place" focuses on Mary Jo Wyse as she falls in love with Mack McAfee. Mary Jo is a single mother fighting to keep custody of her daughter Noelle. Mack and Mary Jo also uncover letters from a World War II soldier to the woman he loved.

The book "1105 Yakima Street" follows Bruce Peyton after his new wife Rachel leaves him and his 13-year-old daughter Jolene. Bruce is a widower and feels guilty about the bad blood between Jolene and Rachel. Bruce wants to win back his wife, but he cannot find her.

In "1221 Christmas Tree Lane," the town of Cedar Cove is preparing for Christmas. Beth Morehouse is running the Christmas tree farm and working on a relationship with the local vet while taking care of her daughters. When someone leaves a basket of puppies on her porch, she decides to find them all good homes. Meanwhile, her daughters surprise her by inviting her ex-husband to Christmas.