Which CBS TV Shows Show Free Episodes Online?


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Some TV shows available to stream for free on CBS include "The Big Bang Theory," "The Amazing Race" and "The Good Wife." From reality TV to comedy and drama, CBS features a limited selection of free episodes for all of these popular shows.

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Chuck Lorre's popular sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" focuses on two nerdy roommates whose lives change when a beautiful woman moves in next door. Physicists Sheldon and Leonard meet new neighbor Penny, realizing that there's more to life than the physics lab. The show is popular for its mix of nerd culture, scientific references and broad humor.

Reality contest "The Amazing Race" pits a group of two-person teams against one another in a globe-spanning race for $1 million. Encompassing a variety of physical and mental tasks, the show forces teammates to work together as they travel through countries all over the world. The race encompasses different legs, with the first team to arrive at a set destination typically winning a prize and the final team to arrive being eliminated.

Critical favorite drama "The Good Wife" focuses on Alicia Florrick, a litigator who must return to work after her state attorney husband is jailed in a corruption scandal. Taking inspiration from the media scandals of Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton, the show offers a mix of political and legal drama, with both ongoing story arcs and procedural episodic plotlines.

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