What CBS Soap Operas Does the Website Soaps In Depth Cover?

What CBS Soap Operas Does the Website Soaps In Depth Cover?

"The Bold and the Beautiful," "The Young and the Restless," "Guiding Light" and "As the World Turns" are CBS soap operas that Soaps in Depth covers at SoapsInDepth.com. Although the latter two soap operas have not aired on CBS since circa 2009, SoapsInDepth.com maintains corresponding archives for each show.

SoapsInDepth.com does not follow a particular format for covering daytime soaps, but site visitors may navigate between current and former CBS soaps via drop-down menus. Coverage includes up-to-date synopses, brief character studies and stories or interviews featuring the actors who portray characters on CBS soaps.

SoapsInDepth.com hosts a CBS and an NBC version, though content on each website often overlaps, particularly as veteran actors transition between networks and different soap operas. Each SoapsInDepth.com website corresponds to a print version of the same name, and both versions are available at Amazon.com.

SoapsInDepth.com is also the site of the magazine's readers' polls. Site visitors vote on either CBS or NBC soaps. The polls help SoapsInDepth and fans to ascertain how fans feel about their favorite characters and plot twists. Elsewhere on the website, there are other polls, past results of closed polls, an archive of interviews and contests.

Occasionally, SoapsInDepth.com reports breaking news about actors who portrayed characters on canceled CBS soaps, especially if the actor is returning to daytime television, starring in an upcoming movie or entering a major new life phase, such as marriage or parenthood.