Which CBS Shows Were Cancelled in 2014?


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CBS shows that were cancelled in 2014 include "The Crazy Ones," "We Are Men," "Hostages," "Bad Teacher," "Intelligence" and "Friends with Better Lives." The long-running sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" also concluded in 2014, after nine seasons.

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Which CBS Shows Were Cancelled in 2014?
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Most of the shows that CBS cancelled in 2014 were in their first season of production and were likely cancelled due to bad reviews and a lack of ratings. The sitcom "Bad Teacher," based off of the 2011 movie, was cancelled after only three episodes. Although the show did well in its debut, the ratings for the subsequent episodes dipped significantly.

The sitcom "The Crazy Ones" had the highest-viewed premiere of the season, starred the well-known actor Robin Williams and was nominated for several awards. However, the ratings after the premiere were consistently low, which, along with the expense of producing a single-camera comedy, may have led to CBS cancelling the series after the first season. The sitcoms "We are Men" and "Friends with Better Lives" were cancelled after only two and five episodes, respectively.

CBS considered the serial drama "Hostages" a limited series with the possibility of returning for a second season with a new story if the ratings garnered it. However, the ratings were always low, and though CBS allowed it to complete its entire first season, they chose not to renew it. The cyber-themed drama "Intelligence" was a mid-season replacement for CBS and completed all 13 episodes, but despite its considerable fan base, the ratings were not high enough for CBS to give it a second season.

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