How Is the Cast Selected for "Dancing With the Stars?"?

The celebrity cast of "Dancing with the Stars" is selected from a pool of popular athletes, models, musicians, and actors and actresses. Each is paired with a professional dancer selected from the show's pool of dancing talent.

The celebrities cast on "Dancing with the Stars" are matched with a professional dancer according to several criteria. Pairs must be a comparable height and age. They must have a similar look. Most importantly, they must be able to get along and work with each other.

"Dancing with the Stars" has been a weekly staple in ABC's prime-time lineup since 2005. Its concept is adapted from the British series "Strictly Come Dancing." It has garnered a number of Emmys for outstanding host for a reality or reality competition for its host, Tom Bergeron.

The show's competition format pits celebrity and dancer pairs against each other as they perform dances to earn points from both cast judges and the viewing audience. Scoring from each judge is based on a 1 to 10 scale for a total of 30 points. Viewer voting is done via the Internet, a toll-free phone number, Facebook and text messages. Each week, the pair with the lowest score is sent home; this continues until a winner is determined.