Who Are the Cast Members of "Storage Wars?"


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The A&E television show "Storage Wars" has featured a rotating cast throughout its history. As of 2015, the only cast members to appear in every season of the show were Dan and Laura Dotson, the auctioneers, married couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, and father-son team Darrell and Brandon Sheets.

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"Storage Wars" follows the auction of abandoned storage units in California, as allowed under state law. The show focuses not only on the objects found within the lockers that the buyers must bid on based only what they can see from the outside of the unit, but also the personalities of the buyers themselves. The goal of the participants in the auctions is to turn a profit on the items they buy, usually through resale at a thrift store or swap meet. The show has spawned two spin-offs, in Texas and New York.

In addition to the six cast members who have appeared on every season, the show has featured other cast members for part of its run. Dave Hester, a thrift store owner known as "The Mogul," appeared in all but one of the show's first nine seasons, and Barry Weiss, an eccentric retired fruit wholesaler and antiques collector, appeared on the first four seasons as well as his own spin-offs. Other cast members include Ivy Calvin, Renee Nezhoda and Casey Lloyd.

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