Who Are the Cast on the Lawrence Welk Show?

Ava Barber, Gail Farrell, Ralna English, Clay Hart and Tanya Welk are some cast members on "The Lawrence Welk Show." The show was on the air for 27 years, from 1955 to 1982, and the number of recurring cast members and guest stars verges upon hundreds.

Lawrence Welk headed the cast. Many of his band members who had traveled and worked with him for years were in the cast for almost the entire run of the show, such as Myron Floren, who was the assistant conductor and the accordionist; Neil Levang, who played guitar and banjo; George "Gus" Thow, a trumpeter; and Joe Feeney, one of the recurring male singers.

Various character types appeared on the show consistently and intermittently, such as Welk's "Champagne Lady," who was the resident female singer with the Lawrence Welk band. Norma Zimmer was the Champagne Lady when "The Lawrence Welk Show" went off the air in 1982. Alice Lon was her predecessor.

Other star co-hosts who were central cast members include Lynn Anderson, Tom Netherton, Guy Hovis, Bobby Burgess and Cissy King. Duos, groups and family acts that were recording stars in their own rights were regular visitors to "The Lawrence Welk Show," such as the Semonski Sisters, the Lennon Sisters, the Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins.