How Do You Carve a Wooden Bear?

How Do You Carve a Wooden Bear?

Carving a wooden bear is a five-step process that includes choosing the wood and using a chainsaw for the rough shape, a chisel and mallet for definition of the bear, a carving knife for adding dimensional details and a power sander for smoothing and finishing the bear carving. The wooden bear carving can be burned with a wood burning torch to add depth and color, and a stain will beautify, seal and protect the wood.

In order to carve a wooden bear, use this process:

  1. Gather the materials and tools
  2. Purchase a large block of wood or dig up a large tree stump. When using a chainsaw, harder wood is preferable. Have the other materials handy, including a power sander, rubber mallet, chisel and carving knife, along with gloves, goggles and other safety equipment.

  3. Determine the basic shape
  4. Use a chainsaw to cut away small pieces at a time. Keeping a reference photo handy, work in sections to form the body, arms, legs and head.

  5. Add definition and details to the carving
  6. Use a mallet and chisel to add definition to the bear's shape. With a carving knife, add fine details, such as eyes, fur and other features.

  7. Smooth and stain the finished carving
  8. Smooth away any rough parts or splintered wood with the handheld power sander and stain or paint, if desired.