Who Are Some Cartoon Soldiers?


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G.I. Joe and his lineup of soldiers are some of the most famous cartoon soldiers. Marvel's Captain America is another famous soldier. Bill Mauldin, a cartoonist during World War II, drew many comic strips of unnamed cartoon soldiers and the appearances of these soldiers are considered very well-known.

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G.I. Joe was initially a toy line featuring four soldiers, one from each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. In 1985 G.I. Joe became a cartoon. In the cartoon, Joe would lead his team against the evil Cobra team. Although the original show was cancelled, several different versions of it have been made. There have also been several G.I. Joe movies.

Captain America is a fictional soldier set in World War II who was given a serum to turn him into a physically perfect human being. He was in several different shows where he was the main character. He also appeared in episodes of Spider-Man, X-Men and other Marvel shows. Captain America also has several of his own movies and is a main character in the film "The Avengers."

Bill Mauldin's iconic soldiers, on the other hand, were drawn as sad and dirty men. He tried to capture the brutality of war in his comic strips. Occasionally, the cartoons would have humorous undertones as well.

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