What Is a Cartoon Hippo?

cartoon-hippo Credit: Matt Biddulph/CC-BY-2.0

Cartoon hippos are characters drawn and featured in typically humorous animated films or TV series. Among the most well-known cartoon hippos are the dancing ballerina hippos in the children's book "Fantasia" and TV characters George and Martha, the hip hop hippos Flavio and Marita from the animated series "Animaniacs," and Gloria the hippo from the "Madagascar" movies.

In the 1940 animated feature "Fantasia," Hyacinth the hippo leads a bevy of dancing cartoon hippos in their attempt to escape from alligators in the "La Gioconda" number.

"George and Martha" was a 1999 animated TV series based on the children's books by James Marshall. In the series, Nathan Lane and Andrea Martin voiced a pair of best friend hippos who have adventures doing ordinary things.

In the TV series "Animaniacs," Flavio and Marita were a pair of wealthy Spanish hippos who sometimes wander into dangerous situations unaware of peril and who were determined to be trendy.

Gloria is a cartoon hippo who appears in the "Madagascar" films and video games. Voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith in the films, Gloria is one of the animals who ends up on an unanticipated trip to the island of Madagascar. In the sequel, Gloria temporarily falls in love with another cartoon hippo, Moto-Moto, but returns to her giraffe boyfriend, Melman.