What Are Some Candy Bar Poems?

Some candy bar themed poems are "Candy Bar Poem" and "Candy-Gram," and these poems incorporate the names of various candy bars into a memorable tribute poem. Another candy bar poem that celebrates a person's 50th birthday is "50th Birthday Candy Basket and Poem."

"Pop" uses a variety of candy bars in the poem, including 100 Grand, Spree and Symphony. The poem says that at Pop's age, a person often has a health problem of Butterfingers but that the children have no Snickers for the father. The poem says that if the children had 100 Grand, they could take the father on a shopping Spree or to the Symphony. The poem ends by saying "We love you Mounds."

In "Candy-Gram," the writer begins by saying that the person of honor does not come from Clark and Fifth Avenue, both names of candy bars. The poem goes on to say that even without a life of privilege, the person of honor finds Almond Joy in life. The poem calls the person of honor's children Goobers, another name of a candy bar. The poem references the person of honor's love for Nascar. It also mentions that the person grows chunky as time passes, a reference to the candy bar Chunky.

Similarly, in "50th Birthday Candy Basket and Poem," the author says that a 50th birthday is not a reason for Snickers but that a 50th birthday may cause a person's mind to play Twix. The author expresses a wish for the birthday celebrant to enjoy a birthday that is Good and Plenty. In addition, the author reminisces that the birthday celebrant is both a Smartie and a Lifesaver.