What Are Some Canceled Television Shows on the ABC Network?

What Are Some Canceled Television Shows on the ABC Network?

Some of the spring television shows that ABC canceled in 2015 include the sitcom "Cristela," dramas "Forever" and "Resurrection," and culinary competition show "The Taste." In fall 2015, the drama series "Wicked City," starring Ed Westwick, became the network's first cancellation of the season. All of the cancellations were due primarily to low ratings.

Latina stand-up comic Cristela Alonzo created, wrote and produced the short-lived "Cristela." In addition to suffering from low ratings from adults in the 18 to 49 age range, the multicam sitcom was produced by an outside company, 20th Century Fox Television. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this helped contribute to ABC's decision to cancel the show.

"Forever," a procedural show starring Ioan Gruffudd, faced tough competition from other network shows in its time slot and was unable to succeed in the ratings. ABC also cancelled the science fiction drama "Resurrection," despite the fact that it was one of only two dramas renewed after the fall 2014 season. The show's second season ended with less than half the number of viewers it had in the first season.

Nigella Lawson's cooking competition show "The Taste" was canceled after three seasons. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the languishing program was further proof that culinary shows rarely work on network television.

In November 2015, "Wicked City" was canceled after just three episodes. The show, which surrounded a killing spree in 1980s Los Angeles, had the steepest week-to-week ratings decline of any new show debuted by the major networks that season.