How Do You Cancel a Netflix Membership?


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Cancel a Netflix membership by clicking the Cancel Membership link on the Your Account page. Customers in the United States can also cancel a DVD plan from the Your Account page.

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Customers who cancel Netflix early may continue to watch until the account closes at the end of the billing period. The Viewing Billing Details link from the Your Account page indicates the date the account is due to close. Netflix keeps a customer's Watch Instantly Activity and recommendations and ratings for 10 months after the account closes. Netflix also keeps a customer's DVD Queue for 10 months after account closure.

Netflix does not charge to cancel an account. Customers receiving DVDs or Blu-ray discs through the mail, however, must either pay for them or return them to Netflix within 7 days of closing the account. Customers wishing to join Netflix again can click Restart Your Netflix Account from the Your Account page.

Netflix is a service that allows customers to pay a monthly fee to watch shows and movies streamed through the Internet. Customers can watch on any device compatible with a Netflix application. Billing takes place on the date a customer originally signs up. Customers can cancel at any time they wish.

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