Where Can You Write a Story Online?


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Some popular free websites to write stories online include writerscafe.org, figment.com, storybird.com and inklestudios.com. Some popular social media-linked online writing websites include wattpad.com, which is currently the largest online community of readers and writers, as of 2015, and quotev.com.

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Many of these websites are linked through Facebook and are used by authors as places to not only write, but to receive feedback and create a following based off of their stories. Figment, Inkle, Wattpad and Quotev are all for PG-13 and under writers, although Wattpad is linked with AfterDark, which is an adult site specifically for R rated content. Storybird allows writers to add pictures to the pages of stories and is a top choice for educators. Most of these websites allow all genres, but WritersCafe is specifically for poetry, short stories, novels, scripts and screenplays.

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