How Can You Write for the Metro Section of the Washington Post?

How Can You Write for the Metro Section of the Washington Post?

To write for the Metro section of The Washington Post, you can apply for a position as an intern on, or you can query the Metro section editor and submit a pitch via email. Letters to the editor selected for publication appear in Local Opinions in the Metro section on Sundays as well.

To apply for a position as an intern for The Washington Post, you must complete an online application, submit a 500-word autobiographical essay, a résumé and a maximum of six work samples or clips in English. The Washington Post asks that you indicate your reporting assignment preference, such as Features, Business, Financial or Local, which encompasses Metro.

Prospective interns must be a college sophomore, junior or senior enrolled in a degree program and must have at least one prior professional news media internship or job.

The email address to query the Local editor is available on under Contact Us, Help & Contact Info, Journalism or How to Contact the Newsroom. Clicking the question, "Can I submit freelance work to The Washington Post?" retrieves the relevant addresses and phones numbers. The Washington Post does not specify any procedures or etiquette for its freelance submissions policy, but one blogger whose work has appeared in The Washington Post offers tips.

Samantha Rodman sent unsolicited pitches to the Outlook section of The Washington Post. The Outlook editor rejected Rodman's pitches and passed them on to the On Parenting editor, who accepted one of Rodman's pieces. Rodman continued pitching stories to The Washington Post, and a subsequent piece appeared in the Op-Ed section.