How Can You Find Some Wood Carving Images?


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The Shutterstock website provides stock images of wood carvings and artists carving wood. The Chris Pye website contains a gallery of hand-carved wood images. Webneel.com has a gallery of wood carvings from around the world.

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How Can You Find Some Wood Carving Images?
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Wood is a flexible medium that artists carve into thousands of different shapes for different uses. The images on Shutterstock show wood that is carved into intricate patterns to decorate doorways, arches and wooden wall panels. Common patterns carved into wood are floral and geometrical.

Chris Pye's website shows the sculptural side of carved wood. The Sculpture area of his gallery includes images of carvings entitled "Head of Sea Serpent," "Baseball Cap" and "Every King." Pye uses the grain of the wood and artistic shading to make his sculptures look more realistic. Pye also has lettering, relief, Green Man and furniture sections in his gallery.

Webneel.com's gallery of international wood carvings contains images of carvings from India, Africa and America. These carvings illustrate the differences in technique and subject matter around the world. Carvings from India feature elephants, lotus flowers and jungle trees, African carvings are unique masks with abstract facial features, and American carvings are faces that focus on both expression and realistic detail.

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