How Can a Whirligig Be Created Using a 3-D Printer?

How Can a Whirligig Be Created Using a 3-D Printer?

In order to create a whirligig using a 3-D printer, have a digital 3-D model of the whirligig, choose a 3-D printing option and material to be used, and once the project is ready to print, download and print with the 3-D printer. The 3-D printer is an affordable, smaller version of the rapid prototyping machine used by the aircraft and automotive industries.

Follow these steps to create a whirligig using a 3-D printer.

Obtain the digital model

To create an object, a three-dimensional model is needed. The model can be a scanned 3-D image, created with computer-assisted design software or downloaded from the internet. This 3-D modeling software is available for free online or you may choose to download a model from an online 3-D model database such as Google 3-D Warehouse. The image is saved in STL format and sent to the printer.

Choose a 3-D printing option

A home 3-D printer is a simplified, less expensive alternative to a commercial printer. They are available as do-it-yourself kits or plug-and-print. Depending on the details, resolution and materials needed, a print-at-home option may not be able to produce complicated details or use certain materials. In this case, an online 3-D printing service can be used.