How Can Websites Afford to Give Away Clip Art for Free?

How Can Websites Afford to Give Away Clip Art for Free?

Websites are often supported by one or various means, thus allowing them to give away clip art for free. These methods mainly include direct advertising, user donations or the inclusion of related items through acceptable sponsor programs.

Companies such as Google and Chitika offer dynamic advertisements that are often relevant to a website's content. In this case, for example, users may be compelled to learn more about digital imaging or editing software as presented through an advertisement. The clip art website in question then earns a percentage of the ad revenue depending on the company or network that serves them.

Other ways to afford free clip art include the use of affiliate programs indirectly promoted throughout the website. For example, a webmaster may occasionally recommend a related product on the clip art's description page, generating the website a specified revenue percentage if the user makes a purchase. An alternate promotion tactic may also involve weekly or monthly newsletters to the user's inbox.

Additionally, popular websites routinely sell advertising space to interested parties, allowing them to showcase related products and services within a specified section for a pre-arranged weekly or monthly cost.

Lastly, webmasters rely on a donation system in which users voluntarily support the website for providing its ongoing service. Clip art images are also typically small in size, which drastically reduces potential server and bandwidth costs.