How Can You Watch PBS Videos?

How Can You Watch PBS Videos?

To watch Public Broadcasting Service videos, visit, and click the Video button. When the PBS Video website opens, click Programs, and click the name of a program to see all available videos. Click a video to watch it in standard definition. To watch high-definition videos, sign in with Google+, Facebook or an email address.

The PBS Programs page displays a selection of popular TV shows. To see a full listing of the network's shows, click the See All Programs A-Z link. The website displays the alphabet across the top of the program list. To find a specific show, click the first letter of the show's title, and find the title in the list.

The PBS website also collects popular TV shows into playlists. To access these playlists, click the Watchlists link. When signed in, you can add videos to your own watchlists.

Videos on the PBS website fall into three categories: episodes, clips and previews. Episodes are full-length videos, clips are short scenes from individual programs, and previews tease upcoming episodes. Each program page divides the available videos into these three categories for easy browsing. In the category sections, click the See All link to view the full collection of videos.

Many videos on the PBS website expire after a certain amount of time and are then removed from the website. Videos slotted for removal feature an Expires Tomorrow banner.