How Can You Watch Past Episodes of "Scandal?"?

How Can You Watch Past Episodes of "Scandal?"?

Past episodes of "Scandal" are available to stream online through and as of 2015. Episodes and seasons are also available for purchase on

To stream episodes through, click Shows and click "Scandal" on the drop-down menu that appears. On the show page, click Menu and click Episodes on the drop-down menu. Play an episode by clicking the Watch link next to the episode. allows visitors to watch the most recent episodes of the show. The Episodes page provides a preview, clips and a recap of all episodes. Articles are available for certain episodes.

To stream episodes through, perform a site search for "Scandal," select the show, and click the episode to play it. Like, offers the show's most recent episodes, along with show clips.

To purchase the show on, perform a site search for "Scandal." On the search results page, select Amazon Instant Video under the Format heading to stream the show. Select a season and purchase either an episode or the full season. Episodes and seasons are available in both standard and high definition. Certain seasons are also available on DVD.

The Emmy Award-winning "Scandal" premiered in 2012 and stars Kerry Washington as lead character Olivia Pope.