How Can You Watch the Myles Munroe Sermons Online?

Several video sermons conducted by Dr. Myles Munroe may be found on the Myles Munroe International channel on The channel's About page, accessed by clicking on "About" near the top of the page, provides additional links to Myles Munroe International's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, as well as his official website. Additionally, video sermons specifically pertaining to Myles Munroe's published books may be found on the YouTube channel Myles Munroe Sermons.

Myles Munroe was an author, lecturer and speaker who traveled around the world to deliver motivational messages inspired from the Bible. Although Myles Munroe passed away in 2014, his son, Myles Munroe Jr., continues to travel and spread his message. The Myles Munroe International Facebook page posts regular updates on events that are either sponsored or co-sponsored by the ministry.

Several unofficial YouTube channels have uploaded old sermons by Dr. Myles Munroe. Although the videos on these channels tend to be less organized than official channels, these channels may contain videos that are rare or hard to find and pertain to a more diverse range of topics. A few of these channels include "C.M.J" and "Ambassadors of Christ Network." In addition to videos starring Myles Munroe, these channels provide users with videos from related ministers and preachers from around the world.