How Can You Watch a Movie on Get My Popcorn Now?

Watch a movie on Get My Popcorn Now by going to the company's website and choosing from the list of available movies to stream. Search for movies on the site's home page or within certain categories, and click on a desired movie to watch it on the website.

Each movie choice on Get My Popcorn Now is displayed by a picture of the poster with its original title, along with the website-specific name of the movie underneath. Click on a poster image to watch that particular movie.

To watch a chosen movie on Get My Popcorn Now, click the white play button in the video box on the movie's page. The movie plays inside this box. If the initial video does not play, the website advises to wait one minute and then refresh the page. Sometimes films on Get My Popcorn Now are divided into a few different videos to be watched in chronological order.

Get My Popcorn Now features its latest releases in a ticker banner across the top of its home page, as well as in a scrollable list on the page. Tabs for different categories of movies or television shows are lined up at the top of the home page. Click on one of these to search for a particular movie within that category.