How Can You Watch a Live Stream of New York Channel 13 Online?


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To live stream channel 13 online, you need to have a cable TV subscription as of 2015. If you are in NYC, go to the Time Warner Cable site, and download its mobile app to your tablet, PC or smartphone. You need to have a user name and ID with Time Warner and a current account. Once you have downloaded the app, you can watch all of the channels you get on your home cable service, including channel 13.

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Live streaming online on a mobile device is not free. You use data rapidly as you watch TV on your mobile device. Check your data plan to be sure that you have enough availability. Be sure that you understand your plan and how much data you can use without incurring extra charges.

Live streaming is a relatively new service for cable TV companies as of 2015. So far, you cannot directly stream from most channels such as 13 and many commercial channels. The reason for this is that the cable companies have agreements that give them the right to control the distribution of channels. Many viewers object to this, and as time goes on, this may change. Some networks, such as CNN, already distribute via streaming using their own apps and are not controlled by any cable companies.

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