How Can You Watch Live Arabic Channels for Free?

How Can You Watch Live Arabic Channels for Free?

Many Arabic-language television stations offer a live stream of their programming through their websites, including CCTV International Arabic, TRT Al Arabiya and Al-Alam News Network. Hundreds of Arabic language television networks serve more than 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide.

China's government opened CCTV International Arabic in 2009 as part of its efforts to strengthen its ties to the Middle East and Arabic-speaking regions. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, the network airs news, educational programming, and entertainment.

Launched in 2010, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation broadcasts TRT Al Arabiya, airing both news and entertainment programming.

The Al-Alam News Network is a part of the state-owned Iranian media corporation. In addition to its live stream on its website, Al-Alam has a mobile streaming option. Al-Alam's programming frequently reflects the views of the Iranian government, with political programs focused on Iraq and Israel, as well as presenting domestic news from the government's preferred perspective.

Many of the Arabic language television networks are government-financed projects, often with the desired goal of building greater cultural ties between the sponsoring government and the Arab world. For example, the United States funds Al Hurra, the French government runs France 24's Arabic network, and the Russian government operates an Arabic version of its Russia Today channel.