Where Can You Watch Free Korean TV Series?

As of 2015 Hulu.com and DramaFever.com allow viewers to watch free Korean TV series. Both websites let viewers see episodes without an account; however, video ads may appear while watching. DramaFever lets its premium subscribers watch episodes without commercial interruptions. Depending on the series, Hulu may only show a few episodes of a series and require a subscription to watch all available episodes.

DramaFever is a video-streaming service that offers its viewers a variety of on-demand shows and movies. The service is available to watch on computers, smartphones and tablets. DramaFever contains one of the largest international programming selections for its users across 12 countries. As of May 2015, the service had an estimated 8 million monthly users, most of whom are young adult females.

Hulu is an American online video-streaming service that also offers films and TV shows. Monthly subscribers are allowed access to certain TV shows one day after they air live on a network. Hulu can also be viewed on computers and other supported devices, such as gaming consoles and Internet-connected TVs. The service is only available in the United States and its overseas territories. All other regions are blocked from the service by IP address location.