Where Can You Watch Free Korean Dramas Online?

can-watch-korean-dramas-online Credit: Shestock/Blend Images/Getty Images

Korean dramas are available to watch online from many websites including Drama Fever. Access is free, but memberships are also available.

Users can access free Korean dramas sorted on Drama Fever by category, most recently added, new and popular, latest episodes and coming soon dramas. Customers can use the free pass or can upgrade to a membership. Memberships offer benefits like fewer or no advertising, access to exclusive titles in high-definition and special discounts and exclusive event invitations. Memberships range from $1 to $10 per month as of 2015 and can be billed annually. Drama Fever includes Korean Dramas and news, movies, kids programming, forums and drama discussions.

Netflix also offers a selection of Korean dramas with English subtitles, but they are not free to view. Like all other Netflix streaming content, they require a monthly subscription fee to watch. Cable networks, such as Time Warner Cable, offer limited Korean drama programming, primarily in markets with large numbers of Korean viewers.

Most Korean dramas are produced series of 12 to 24 episodes. Korean dramas typically run for a single season instead of broadcasting across multiple seasons. The exception to this is historical drama, which may have 200 or more episodes in a single series. These historical drama programs do not air as multiple seasons; all of the episodes air as one long season.

Korean drama is exported worldwide and is particularly popular in China, India, Singapore and Mongolia. Korean series have been remade in Indonesia and dubbed into Sinhalese, Filipino, Tamil and other languages. Korean drama series also air on broadcast television in Thailand, Nepal, Japan and Taiwan.