How Can You Watch Joel Osteen's TV Sermons Online?


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As of 2015, many of Joel Osteen's TV sermons are available for viewing on his website. Some of his most recent sermons are available on the Lakewood Church website, which also features sermons from other preachers and presenters at the church, such as Lisa Comes, Nick Nilson and Phil Munsey.

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Joel Osteen's website allows visitors to request CD and DVD copies of any of the online sermons when they make a donation to his ministry. "Separated for the Better" is the name of one Joel Osteen sermon available on the pastor's official website. In the sermon, Pastor Osteen sends viewers the message that there are times in their lives when they must lose something precious to them so they can gain something even better. He preaches that seasons of great loss and difficulty are a part of God's plan, and they serve to strengthen believers in their faith while helping them grow as individuals.

Another example of an Osteen sermon is "Blessed By Your Enemies." The message behind this sermon is that dealing with unfairness and opposition can help believers develop a greater level of trust in God and the plan he has for their lives. Osteen encourages his TV viewers to resist becoming discouraged when people disappoint them, whether those people are colleagues who try to make them look bad, loved ones who betray their trust or friends who abandon them.

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