Where Can You Watch the IranProud Movie Online?

To watch IranProud movies online, go to IranProud.com, select the type of movie and then click the Play button. IranProud features a wide collection of movies, television shows, music and other television programs for the Iranian community.

On the IranProud website, scroll down to the Movies category to find a particular movie to watch online for free. To find more movies apart from the ones displayed on the screen, click the See All link. Browse the list of available movies, and choose one to play. IranProud also allows users to limit the search results to the category of movie such as drama, horror, action, comedy, classic and the latest releases.

To find a specific movie that does not appear in the list, type the name of the movie into the search box at the top-right corner of the page, and then hit the Enter button. The Recommended Movies section contains popular movies that have been recommended by other viewers.

The list of live television channels is available at the bottom of the website, under the Live TV category. To watch live television on IranProud, click on one channel from the list, and then click the Play button on the new window.