How Can You Watch Iranian Movies Online?

You can watch Iranian movies online through sites such as Persianterest, IMVBox and Iranian Live TV, as of 2015. These sites have top Persian movies, recent releases and TV shows, in addition to documentary features. IMVBox features movies with English subtitles. Most sites require some type of registration, but it is usually free.

Persianterest has a variety of programming, including Iranian movies. It has movies, TV series, documentaries, makeup tutorials, cartoons and much more. The site is largely in English and does require registration. It has category markers to take browsers directly to top videos or new releases.

IMVBox claims to be the largest collection of English-subtitled Iranian movies. It requires a free sign-up but also offers a paid plus membership. It offers categories for TV shows and divides movies into two categories: free and plus. It claims to have hundreds of movies as of 2015.

Iranian Live TV offers movies, TV shows and a selection of live TV channels, which are mostly Persian interest. The site is partially in English and partially in Romanized Farsi.

Other sites that offer Iranian movies include Iran Proud and Fandor. The latter offers online viewing as well as streaming to devices such as a Roku or Chromecast.