How Can You Watch Hong Kong Dramas?

To watch Hong Kong dramas online, go to the Kaze Vid website and select HK Drama from the top bar menu. Browse through the available titles and select one. At the next page, choose an episode from the list to watch the streaming episode online.

To watch streaming Hong Kong drama videos online, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Kaze Vid
  2. Go to the Kaze Vid website by entering into the browser search bar.

  3. Browse Hong Kong dramas
  4. From the Kaze Vid home page menu, which runs beneath the website logo, select HK Drama. Browse the available selection of titles, which are arranged by year in reverse chronological order extending as far back as 1992 as of 2015.

  5. Select a title
  6. Choose a title from the list, which includes such dramas as "Beyond the Rainbow" (2015), "Always and Ever" (2013), "When Heaven Burns" (2011), "Heart of Greed" (2007), "Triumph in the Skies" (2003) and "The Greed of Man" (1992). Click on the chosen title.

  7. Select an episode
  8. At the next page, select an episode to view. These are also arranged in reverse chronological order with the latest episodes at the top of the list. This page also provides information about the chosen Hong Kong drama. Click on the episode number to view streaming content within the browser window.