Can You Watch Any HBO Shows for Free?


HBO shows are only available with a purchased subscription to the network. HBO cable subscribers also have the option to access HBO Go, which allows the viewer to stream HBO television shows on computers and mobile devices at no extra charge.

HBO Go is a great option for HBO viewers who are always on the move. It is an online tool that houses movies as well as full seasons and full episodes of trending HBO shows. The HBO Go app can be installed on iOS and Android devices, as well as Microsoft Xbox, or can be accessed online at the official HBO Go website, all of which grant the user access to HBO movies and television shows. HBO Go intends to evolve to a downloadable software that will also be available as a built-in option of a variety of television brands, according to HBO Watch.

In addition, a limited variety of HBO shows can be viewed through devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Kindle Fire. A few streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus offer a limited and older selection of television episodes.

For viewers using HBO cable, the television provider offers two 24-hour services — HBO and Cinemax, both of which require a subscription to access the shows.