How Can You Watch "Hawaii Five-O" Episodes for Free?

How Can You Watch "Hawaii Five-O" Episodes for Free?

The five most recent episodes of "Hawaii Five-O," along with most of the shows broadcast on CBS, are available for free streaming through The entire series is available on if you are a CBS All Access subscriber. Additionally, as of January 2016, the first five seasons of "Hawaii Five-O" are available to Netflix subscribers.

"Hawaii Five-O" shares its name with, and is a reboot of, a police procedural set in Hawaii that aired on CBS from 1968 to 1980. The original, under the name "Hawaii Five-O Classic," is available for streaming from CBS as well, with the first 10 episodes available for free and the remaining 269 available to CBS All Access subscribers.

"Hawaii Five-O" follows a special police unit in Hawaii. James McArthur, who starred in the original series, returned in the reboot for a short period, with his character now serving as governor of Hawaii.

The series has won several awards, including Best New TV Drama at the People's Choice Awards for its first season.

Local news sources have credited the series with the "Five-O Effect," with local businesses seeing an up tick in sales following the series' premiere, particularly with tourist destinations and local products that are featured in the show.